Tim O’Reily RT’d a tweet on Sunday that an upgrade to twitter changed the function from listing all your tweets on your iPhone from ‘All’ to only listing the most popular ‘Top’ tweets.

This was not explained on the Twitter blog….To me it seems like just another change made to social media platforms that are pushed through unbeknownst to users who only discover changes through their subsequent negative experience with the tool. I recommend that Twitter seriously examine this functionality change as while it may seem minor, it changes the whole landscape of social networking. As Keith Hampton (2011) found in his study on social networks and their relation to civic and civil engagement behaviors, the more diverse your network is, the more likely you are to engage in community activities and democracy. Removing the visibility of unpopular tweets from feeds on your iPhone will reduce the ability to view and bridge to the periphery of your network. In a world defined by overlapping social circles, our social media tools should enhance our visibility to our similarities, connections and differences so we can continue to learn about and engage with each other.