I recently got an iPhone and I gotta say, I am so addicted to it. I have always been an avid social networker but the amazingly easy ability to take pictures on iPhones to share has increased the amount of pictures I take and share. In a time where I am seeing Facebook decline, taking artful pictures has become the new alternative to share your life online. Many of my friends are hesitant to have any photos shared of them online so instead I find myself taking pictures of my surroundings more than my companions. I like this way of sharing as it avoids the annoying blatant stating of activities that so many complain about people doing on Facebook eg. I am going to the gym, then going to take a shower, scratch my ass etc… Instead, pictures tell a softer side of a person’s life, offering a unique perspective into others daily lives without contrived and posed portraits. From on organizational perspective, pictures also attract followers and are often more neutral in telling a story. When challenged with controversial public topics, try taking a picture and letting the public interpret the story. If you find the discussion gets sidelined, jump in to attempt to steer it in the right direction.

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